Literature Review and Medical Information Synthesis

The review of medical literature is a cornerstone of existing medical knowledge which is essential to any scientific work. It allows us to make an inventory of existing knowledge on a given disease, identify its grey areas and related health needs. A literature review provides the reference data needed to evaluate and discuss the results of any new study or analysis.

CEMKA-EVAL uses a multidisciplinary team (health economists, epidemiologists, etc.) to carry out literature reviews on the epidemiological and economic aspects in all diseases areas:

  • Descriptive epidemiology and incidence/ prevalence estimations
  • Estimates of target populations sizes and profiles
  • Cost of illness studies (economic and humanistic burden, quality of life, etc.)
  • Estimates of parameters and input for medico-economic models

Key points

  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Literature review and systematic follow up
  • Critical analysis of existing literature
  • Drafting of reports or bibliographical summary sheets