Public Health

Assessing health experiments or programs is essential to appraise their implementations, their organizations, and their impacts.

Evaluation is an essential tool used in the decision-making process and to strategize public actions or more specific ones. Assessment brings external, informed, and objective perspectives which might shift the orientation of an action or specific axes of a program.

As an expert in public health methodology and assessment, CEMKA can assist you in the evaluation of your projects, to build your scoping studies (proof of conception), with the assessment of pathways (targeting the breakpoints, identifying the actions and the axes to improve…), and experiment (feasibility, implementation, effectiveness/efficiency, reproducibility/ transposition).

Assessing is a process which must follow the action from its conception to its results /impacts on targeted dimensions such as the organisational dimension, the medical and the economic one.

Decision-makers, stakeholders, sponsors, groups/user representatives, patients’ associations… CEMKA offers its methodological expertise in studies and multidimensional assessment in several fields:

  • Public health policies, programs and actions.
  • Experiments (among them the innovations in health: article 51 of LFSS 2018).
  • Digital Medical Devices for professional use (DMDs) and innovations.
  • Health system’s organization:
    • Territorial reorganisation.
    • Organisation of care and professional practices.
    • Prevention, screening.
    • Medical demography.
  • Health professionals networks and use of innovative devices.
  • Health in the workplaces, risk assessment for professionals.
Various and complementary methods can be combined depending on the needs:
  • Qualitative and quantitative surveys:
    • Semi-structured qualitative interviews and focus groups : patients, families/caregivers, professionals, partners, leaders/experts/KOL…
    • Patients and professionals’ experiences analyse.
    • Organisational analyses.
    • Multichannel quantitative surveys (by phone-call, online, on paper).
    • Epidemiological studies.
  • Deep statistical analyses of ad-hoc databases (information system…), of medical and economic data from the National Health Insurance (Caisses d’Assurance Maladie) (SNDS, ESND PMSI…).
  • Organizational and budget analyses.
  • Medical and economic analyses (costs/ effectiveness, cost minimization…).
  • Specific literature review and bibliography syntheses.

CEMKA’s broad experience results from the diversity of the topics and clients involved (stakeholders/healthcare professionals, associations, public, regional, and national authorities, health institutions, etc.) and the multiplicity of projects carried out.

CEMKA will use its expertise in public health to provide you with a structured assessment of your projects and experiments in the health sector or assist you in the development of ad-hoc surveys.

CEMKA’s services incorporate the principals of French Evaluation Society’s charter (Société Française d’Évaluation).

Key points

  • Assessing as a tool used in decision-making process.
  • Mixted complementary adapted qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • Multidimensionnal / multicriteria evaluation.
  • Feasability/implementation, effectiveness/efficiency, portability.
  • Multidisciplinary team: public health specialists, epidemiologists, statisticians, sociologists…