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We are committed to providing

the resources and skills to provide

the best answers can deal

with issues today in the domain of health.

Pharmaco-Epidemiological surveys

Health Economics modelling

Biometry and database analysis

Market Access

Public Health and Epidemiology

Healthcare Pathway management

Monitoring and quality assurance

Literature Review and Medical Information Synthesis

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Our methodology

Scientific and
methodological expertise

Experience and training of consultants ensure high value / scientific rigor.

Complementary skills
in Health

Economists, doctors, pharmacists, specialists in public health assessment, biostatisticians, sociologists, epidemiologists … gathered for an adapted service.

Decision support for
all health issues

CEMKA brings you a personalized response to meet your specific strategic or information needs.

As part of its activities, CEMKA carries out analyzes based on databases of the National System of Health Data (SNDS). The rights of access, rectification and opposition are exercised with the director of the health Insurance center administering the mandatory health insurance plan to which the person is attached, in accordance with the  National Law.


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  • Public Health and Epidemiology

    Facteurs associés au maintien dans le poste de travail après un épisode d’absence : résultats de l’étude MAPOST des médecins du travail du groupe La Poste.

    DUBURCQ A, COUROUVE L, HAVETTE P, DAB W & Le Comité Des Médecins Du Travail De La Poste

    Archives des Maladies Professionnelles et de l'Environnement ;

  • Pharmaco-Economics

    Modelling lifetime cost consequences of toric compared with standard IOLs in cataract surgery of astigmatic patients in four European countries


    J Med Economics ; 12(3):230-237