Biometry and database analysis

An experienced team of biostatisticians/data managers following rigorous statistical procedures established for over 10 years and regularly updated.

CEMKA has extensive experience in analysing complex databases and in conducting statistical studies:

  • Databases Analysis:
    • French national claims database: SNIIRAM and EGB
    • National Hospital discharge database (PMSI)
          • Data available since 2001
          • Covering various facilities and services: MCO (acute care hospitals), SSR (Rehabilitation), HAD (Home Hospitalisation) and PSY (Psychiatry)
          • Other specific database: LPD Cégédim (formerly Thalès), UKGPRD, FHDH (Inserm), NADIS®, etc.
  • Statistical analyses of observational studies:
    • Methodological guidance
    • Designing study documents:
      • CRF, e-CRF
      • Protocol
      • DHM (Data Handling Manual) and Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP)
    • Data Management:
      • Data entry with systematic quality control
      • Data control and queries
      • Data review
      • Database freeze
    • Descriptive statistical, comparative and multivariate analyses
    • Writing of the statistical report

The CEMKA team of statistics experts can also offer training sessions: presentation of claims and hospital databases, feasibility analyses, etc.

Key points

Proven statistical expertise in:

  • Modelling techniques:
    • Linear, logistic regressions
    • Mixed models (repeated measurements, splines, fractional polynomials)
    • Semi-parametric survival model (Cox model) and parametric model (Weibull, Exponential, log-logistic, log-Normal, Gompertz).
  • Use of propensity scores
  • Carrying out meta-analyses and indirect comparisons
  • Analysis of medico-administrative databases.