Pharmaco-Epidemiological surveys

Pharmaco-epidemiology consists in studying the utilization of drugs and devices at the level of populations with the objective to characterize their patterns of use in real-life setting, French health authorities recently gave a major boost to these approaches by requesting post-listing studies to check the appropriate use of medicinal products, their effectiveness in routine practice and their risks.

CEMKA-EVAL has developed a comprehensive approach, integrating database analysis, protocol design and implementation of observational studies.

CEMKA-EVAL has a comprehensive CRO infrastructure for carrying out observational real world studies:

  • Methodologists to provide the optimum design with respect to the study objective
  • A Monitoring Department with project managers, CRAs and centralised management
  • Quality and organisational procedures
  • A call centre dedicated to these studies including a multichannel management
  • Expertise in statistical analysis
  • Medical writing

In addition, CEMKA-EVAL has an expertise in database analysis to supplement the information collected through observational studies and validate representativeness.

Key points

  • A full-service CRO specialised in non-interventional studies.
  • High-level methodological expertise in epidemiology, pharmaco-economics and biostatistics.
  • Standardised procedures that guarantee optimum quality.
  • Hundreds of publications in peer-reviewed journals.