CEMKA your partner to bring
a personalized answer

Created in 1990, CEMKA is one of the first French consulting firms in the field of evaluation of products, programs and organizations in Health.

CEMKA’s activities cover varied and complementary fields: health economics, health data analysis, surveys, documentary summaries, drafting of regulatory dossiers, consulting.

The expertise developed by CEMKA is recognized nationally and internationally as evidenced by the diversity of its sponsors (Health Authorities, Health Insurance, Pharmaceutical and biomedical industry, associations, health care structures, learned societies, professional unions …) and the large number of its scientific publications.

CEMKA is a private structure fully owned by its employees, which ensures a form of independence. It brings together a wide range of talents: doctors, pharmacists, health economists, public health specialists, sociologists, biostatisticians…

The high level of performance of its consultants is based on their versatility, technicality and complementarity.


The durability of the team illustrates its ability to provide excellent project management.
The quality of the services delivered is based on the development of internal procedures and on the integration of tools necessary for the realization of all field studies.

CEMKA thus provides its partners with the means and skills to provide essential answers to the many questions that arise today in the field of Health.


We are committed to providing the resources and skills to provide the best answers can deal with issues today in the domain of health.