CEMKA your partner to bring
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CEMKA is a consulting firm specializing in health economics, epidemiology, and outcomes research. In the year 2000, CEMKA and EVAL integrated their expertise to form one of the leading French consulting groups in health services research.

The fields of expertise of our consultants are diverse and complementary in such a way that their combined competences cover the entire spectrum of methodological issues in pharmaco-economics, statistics and epidemiology.

The consultants at CEMKA have extensive training and experience in several therapeutic and prevention domains. We provide a wide range of services, including consulting, design and implementation of studies, monitoring and statistical analysis, economic evaluation and outcomes research. In particular, CEMKA has the capability to conduct a wide array of qualitative and quantitative surveys among health professionals, patients and the general public.

Since their creation in 1990, CEMKA have provided consultation to over 100 organizations and institutions in more than 500 diverse projects. The quality of CEMKA work has been recognized in a number of peer-reviewed international and national publications.

We are committed to providing the resources and skills to provide the best answers can deal with issues today in the domain of health.