RWE consultant

Théo Cerceau is a pharmacist and has completed his training with a Master in Clinical Epidemiology and Pharmaco-Epidemiology.

At CEMKA, Théo is in charge of RWE project management, SNDS database analysis, observational studies, literature reviews, …

Before joining CEMKA, Théo worked at the Pasteur Institute to carry out the clinical validation of a medical device for the diagnosis of hepatitis B, as well as a study of revealed preference using a discrete choice method.

Moreover, Théo worked at the APHP in the context of the pandemic linked to COVID19 for the recruitment of private nurses to reinforce the resuscitation teams, as well as to perform antigenic tests in pharmacies.

Théo did his pharmacy externship within APHP establishments (quality control of radiopharmaceutical drugs, internal audit of the pharmacovigilance process, valorization of health data from the Curie Institute within the framework of industrial partnerships, …)