HEOR Consultant

Heor Consultant, Cécile is in charge of conducting medical-economic evaluation studies of innovative health strategies within the health economics department. In this context, Cécile conducts efficiency assessments (cost-effectiveness, cost-utility analyses), disease cost studies, budget impact models or micro-costing studies such as production costs. Cécile also provides structured reviews of the economic literature in various diseases for public and private actors. Finally, by taking part in methodological reflections, Cécile contributes to the implementation of statistical analyses within health databases.

Before joining CEMKA in 2014, Cécile worked for 3 years in the Health Insurance Department, in a health risk management department. This experience has enabled her to acquire knowledge of the basics of health insurance. Cécile holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Health Management from the University of Paris Dauphine. It actively participates in ISPOR and is a member of the CES.